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Refractory market segmentation to speed up the technical update

Date:2017-06-16 14:52 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:admin
 Since 2001, in the iron and steel, nonferrous metals, petrochemical, building materials and other high-temperature industrial development of the strong pull, the refractory industry maintained a good growth trend, has become the world's refractory production and export power. The integrity of the refractory calcination depends on the natural bond or the combination with the silicate or the aluminosilicate derived from the vitrification reaction. Thus, the effect of the binder on the refractory material is very large. Initially the binder was synthesized from a refined additive, named as a mineralizer, and then followed by the introduction of separate cement and glass-like bonding systems. At present, the refractory binder is gradually developed into an independent industry. This paper will analyze the risk factors of its development in several aspects of the adhesive industry.
First, the market competition risk analysis
Refractory materials binding industry market competition risk can be broken down into market, price risk, business risk. The first demand risk, the demand is the key factor affecting the sales of refractory binder, the size of the demand is the corresponding supply in terms of supply increases, demand reduction, sales will encounter difficulties; the second is the price risk, fire Material with a binder product pricing is high per unit area of ​​high income, but the high price, will seriously affect the sales; the third is the business risk, is due to the development of refractories for the development of refractory materials with poor management led to the expected benefits Can not be achieved, or is not enough to compensate for the possibility of operating expenses. This type of risk is mainly due to the developer's subjective assumptions such as development costs, rental prices, development cycles and financing, and decision errors.
Second, the technical level of risk analysis
China's refractory binder industry research and technical support is not enough, although the current technical level can not meet the current production needs, but the industry update is slow, lagging behind the developed countries.
Third, the enterprise competition risk analysis
At present, China's refractories with the bonding agent of the enterprise competition is mainly two aspects, one is the competition of domestic enterprises, the other is facing international competition. In the current economic situation is not good, large-scale enterprise development prospects are better, small and medium enterprises are faced with the risk of being acquired or merged.
At present, refractory binder manufacturers to win in the market competition, not to be eliminated, we must do everything possible to play their own advantages, improve the technical level and reduce production costs.
Fourth, the export risk analysis
In the international market, the biggest disadvantage is the domestic enterprises competition disorder, to suppress their own. Competing to let prices to the thin refractory materials with a combination of export profits and lost a lap. China's exports of refractory materials with binder products are mostly low-end products, the means of competition is also a single, is to fight the price. In addition to solving some employment problems, there is no obvious benefit, our ability to develop enterprises, mining capabilities are far worse.


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