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How can we improve corundum brick, magnesia and other refractory sales?

Date:2017-06-21 09:35 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:admin
I believe a lot of corundum bricks, magnesia and other refractory sales staff have this feeling: the network every day a variety of sales methods, different opinions, people dazzled. Read is one thing, wait until the time to do, but into a confused. When I was originally engaged in sales work, but also with a lot of people, every day to learn from digging treasure. , A word is very appropriate at the time of feelings - at a loss Why does this happen?
    The reason is actually very simple: a different industry, different focus, starting line is different, different resource conditions ... ... so many different places, as a corundum brick, magnesia brick and other refractory sales staff, just other people's sales method "graft" over , Will it be successful? The answer is of course negative! We have been engaged in refractory sales since, always adhere to a principle: through the user needs analysis to do refractory sales, that sales strategy is absolutely wrong!
    What is user demand analysis? That is, by analyzing your own target customer identity and needs, research their visit to the psychological and habits, so to modify their sales strategy to enhance the user's viscosity. Old users keep returning ... ... the user's psychology are thoroughly touched, but also worried that there is no sales? With sales, corundum bricks, magnesia and other refractory sales can naturally soar.
    This is the importance of user needs analysis. For example, when you pass the data analysis and detect the user with corundum brick, magnesia and other refractory demand, they do not want to see a lot of useless things, when you change to more concise and intuitive information, the visitors are more interested The. So you need to continue to analyze and improve.
    Grasp the corundum brick, magnesia brick and other refractory users of the psychological needs, to know how to do it. This late corundum brick, magnesia and other refractory sales direction is very clear. Sales related to product knowledge, conversation skills, payment terms and other content can affect the overall sales effect.
    Long-term engaged in corundum brick, magnesia brick and other refractory sales work, always to analyze the needs of users, experience and psychology. Only you do this, your sales can get better and better! Because you have a user like the business. The following five user experience need special attention: 1, refractory materials. 2, post-service. 3, integrity. Products and services to describe some of the words as far as possible to those potential customers easy to understand, so you can narrow the relationship between customers and businesses.
    Summary: to meet the needs of corundum brick, magnesite and other refractory users need to strictly implement the mentioned product quality, after-sales and related services and other requirements, but also to meet user needs, the only way to make corundum brick, magnesia and other refractories The road to success is bright


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