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Fused zirconia corundum bricks with assembly, printed markings, and packaging

Date:2017-10-16 14:44 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:admin
When the glass furnace is built, the quality requirements of fused zirconia corundum brick, such as spouting mouth, flow liquid hole, partition wall, feeding mouth, brick and other parts, are particularly high. In order to meet these requirements, but also to shorten the construction time or glass pool kiln renovation time, fused refractory plant in a special assembly platform for pre-assembly of fused zirconia corundum brick.
Used for assembly of fused zirconia corundum brick have to go through the mechanical processing and technical inspection department of the test. In the assembly process, if necessary, but also for the secondary parts of the secondary processing. The size of the overall requirements of the matching, the size of individual fused zirconia corundum brick is not mandatory, but by changing the size of one or two fused zirconia corundum brick to adjust the size of the entire product.
In order to check the AZS brick in the use of a small quality of the situation, and to avoid the assembly of fused zirconia corundum brick in the process of building difficulties, all fused zirconia corundum brick should be based on national standards on refractory products and zirconium corundum brick logo Request, print on logo. The logo is printed on the working face and casting surface of fused zirconia corundum brick. Each piece of fused zirconia corundum brick surface are difficult to brush with the color printed on the number and preparation (conventional casting or full casting). Ordinary cast fused zirconia corundum brick is not printed logo.
(33 #, 36 #, 41 # AZS brick, etc.), fused zirconia corundum brick weight (kg) is printed on the casting surface of the casting. Assembly of matching fused zirconia corundum brick and other special signs: matching pieces of fused zirconia corundum brick in accordance with the serial number of the Soviet Union national standards of the matching pieces of the logo, the order to prepare. For example, convection fluid brick, the matching fused zirconia corundum brick in the order of each row of brick is: alignment of the side of the face from the left to the right, the bottom of the brick for the first, the lower right brick for the first No.2. Side wall by row number from left to right from the third, followed by marked with the number. An example of a brick symbol in a kit is shown in Fig.
Printed logo of the fused zirconia corundum brick can basically wrap the corners of the wooden box wrapped up, according to the wholesale car or car shipped to the use of units to go.


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