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The production process of magnesia brick

Date:2017-08-10 16:35 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:admin
The production process of magnesia brick is the basis of producing magnesia refractory material and basic refractory material. High-purity magnesia brick, the production process of direct boned magnesia brick is similar to magnesia brick, only raw materials types, purity, molding pressure and sintering temperature and other parameters are different. The following describes the production process of magnesia brick.
1. The requirements of raw material
The main raw material to manufacture magnesia brick is common sintered magnesia. This kind of magnesia is layered by adding magnesite and coke for calcination in the vertical kiln. Therefore, SiO2 and CaO content, especially SiO2 is higher than that in magnesite. Its requirements are mainly chemical composition and sintering degree. Generally, the chemical composition should be MgO content greater than 87%, CaO content is less than 5%, SiO2 content is less than 5.0%, while requiring good sintering, the density should be not less than 3.18 g / cm3, burning is less than 0.3%, no  tumor substance, the black block is the less, it is the better.
2. Particle composition and ingredients
Particle composition should be consistent with the most closely packed principle and conducive to sintering. The critical particle size is to determine according to the degree of magnesia sinter and the appearance size and weight of the brick, can choose 4 mm, 3 mm, 2.5 mm, 2 mm.
In the production, can also add some of the broken waste brick, the amount is generally not more than 15%, or in the molding process, to broke waste brick, directly mixed into the mud for molding.

3. Mixing
In the wheel rolling machine or sand mixer, the feeding order: pellet-- pulp waste-- fine powder, the mixing time is not less than 10 min. Due to limit the amount of CaO raw materials, and improve the sintering degree of magnesia, generally canceled the trapping process.
4. Forming
Sintered magnesia is barren material, and the body moisture content is small, generally do not appear overpressure waste material caused by gas compression, therefore, can use high pressure molding, so that the density of the body up to more than 2.95 g / cm3. This is conducive to improving the performance of refractory brick.
5. Drying
In drying process, often appearing the waste material is reticular crack, which is mainly due to body generates a large number of hydrate after molding, but if properly controlled, generally do not appear waste material.
6. Firing
The firing of magnesia brick can be carried out in a downhole or a tunnel kiln.The load softening temperature is lower.


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