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Performance of high purity chrome magnesium corundum brick

Date:2019-01-28 16:23 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:admin
High-purity chrome-magnesia corundum bricks are developed on the basis of high-purity corundum and magnesia refractory castables. In chrome-magnesium refractory bricks, zircon powder is sometimes added to improve its thermal shock resistance. This kind of material is mainly used for ventilating bricks, nozzle bricks, seat bricks, RH nozzle linings and ladle slag lines, etc., and the effect is also good.

The chrome-magnesia corundum refractory brick has high drying compressive strength, generally 45~62MPa, and the 1500~1600°C post-burning line change is positive, that is, the micro-expansion state is favorable for use; chrome-magnesium and chrome-zirconium The drying compressive strength of magnesia refractory bricks is slightly lower. The compressive strength after burning at 150°~1600°C is 68~70MPa and the line change is negative, which is not conducive to the use, but the brick is resistant to slag erosion and heat. It has better vibration and is used in steel ladle slag and other parts, and has achieved good results.

Performance of chrome-magnesia corundum refractory brick
It can be dissolved in MA at high temperature to form MgO (Al, Cr) 2O3 solid solution, improving its high temperature performance. The castable is converted from linear shrinkage to linear expansion after burning, and the load softening temperature is increased by 50 to 62 °C.
With the increase of the amount of Cr2O3, the post-burning line change, high-temperature flexural strength and load-softening temperature of the castables all showed an upward trend; the thermal shock resistance was good, but the strength retention rate had a value, that is, the amount of Cr2O3 was 4%. Time. Cr2O3 is more expensive and should be used as little as possible to ensure good performance of the castable.

With the increase of the amount of spinel powder, the high-temperature flexural strength gradually decreases, and the residual strength retention rate has a value, that is, the thermal shock resistance is better. Because the MA powder is added to the high-purity chrome corundum castable, the volume expansion weakens the direct bonding between the particles and the matrix, and the solid solution formed with Cr2O3 is not as strong as the aluminum-chromium solid solution, so the strength tends to decrease. In the case of the amount of spinel powder, the mismatch between the spinel and the chrome corundum linear expansion coefficient can be used to buffer the thermal stress inside the castable, which is resistant to thermal shock.

In the high-purity chrome-magnesium corundum refractory castable, the addition of magnesia powder, α-Al2O3 and SiO2 ultrafine powder, corundum powder and zircon powder, etc., have a great influence on the performance of the refractory brick. In short, in the castable matrix, adding various refractory powders and distributing them properly is the cornerstone for obtaining high-performance refractory bricks, and zhengzhou sunrise refractory material has achieved this. If you want high-quality refractory materials, you can choose Zhengzhou sunrise refractory.


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