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High-Temperature Tunnel Kiln Of Refractory

Date:2015-10-12 22:54 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:admin

Sintered kiln of refractory is usually divided into two types: Intermittent down-draft kiln and continuous tunnel kiln, the firing temperature is from 1200 to 1900`C, and even higher. If divided by firing temperature: temperature below 1350℃ is called low temperature sintering kiln; temperature between 1350℃ and 1550℃ is called medium temperature sintering kiln; temperature between 1550℃ and 1750℃ is called high temperature sintering kiln; temperature up 1750℃ is called ultra temperature sintering kiln.

Compared with down-draft kiln, the advantages of tunnel kiln are that: the quality of the products is good; Unit fuel consumption is low; long service life; High degree automation and low labor intensity. There are many kinds of tunnel kilns,however, they are usually consist of pre tropical, sintering zone and cooling zone. Meanwhile, according to the technical requirements of the burned products, through the attached combustion device, exhaust and cooling system, adjusting the kiln temperature, atmosphere and pressure, so that more excellent products can be obtained.

magnesia brick

With the improvement of the quality of refractory materials and the increase of advanced refractory materials, burning temperature is generally increased which promotes the development of high temperature tunnel kiln and ultra high temperature tunnel kiln, so as to meet the requirements of technical progress of refractory. High temperature or ultra high temperature tunnel kiln is a new type kiln in the lastest twenty years which is mainly used for directly combined alkali brick, high temperature firing alkali brick, high alumina brick and corundum brick and other products. High temperature or ultra high temperature tunnel kiln adopts side heating burner whose fuel is high calorific value of heavy oil or natural gas.

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