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Blast furnace lining refractory maintenance and repair process

Date:2019-11-12 15:40 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:admin
I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of refractory materials, today Sunrise refractory materials will tell you about the process of maintenance and maintenance of blast furnace lining refractory materials.
1. Maintenance of the cooling wall of the blast furnace body, maintenance of the lining of the furnace body and the furnace refractory:
(1) The furnace body galvanic couple must be installed correctly, the reaction is flexible during operation, and the measurement is accurate.
(2) The temperature of the furnace body, the throat and the lining should be as uniform as possible, the throat temperature should not exceed 800 °C, the temperature of the furnace stave should not exceed 200 °C, and the lining temperature should not exceed 400 °C.
(3) The edge airflow must not be developed for a long time.
(4) Do not use the detergent to clean the furnace wall for a long time.
(5) When the bottom line is present, it should be handled in time to avoid low line operation.
(6) The wind blocking operation shall not be carried out for a long time. When it is necessary to block the air outlet for a long time, the approval of the chief engineer is required.
(7) When the refractory lining masonry is seriously eroded, the edge is appropriately added, and the corresponding part is changed to a small air vent or a long air vent.
(8) The blast furnace cooled by soft water shall record the temperature of the stave every shift and closely monitor the hydration condition; the blast furnace cooled by industrial water shall be cleaned once a quarter (once a month in summer). The difference in water temperature between the cooling devices in each section of the furnace was measured weekly and recorded.
(9) The blast furnace should periodically check the heat flux intensity.
(10) The furnace wall thickness is treated in a timely manner, and the edge filling system, the hot washing furnace, the washing agent washing furnace, the partial use of the short air vent or the appropriate control of the cooling intensity are adopted.
2. Maintenance of furnace and furnace refractory lining:
(1) When the heat flow intensity is too high, follow the treatment method in (8) (9) of this document.
(2) When using fluorite to wash the furnace, the approval of the chief engineer is required.
(3) The iron mouth must not be too shallow for a long time.
(4) The amount of iron stored in the hearth shall not exceed the amount of safe capacity.
(5) The iron mouth mud sleeve and the iron gate center line should be inspected regularly, and should be disposed of in time if there is any deviation or residual iron.
(6) Regularly check the water leakage of the cooling equipment, and there shall be no long-term leakage to the furnace. When the soft water system frequently replenishes water, find out the cause and deal with it in time.
(7) The blast furnace using industrial water cooling should be cleaned at least once a quarter (it should be cleaned once a month in summer).
(8) Regularly check and record the condition of the bottom of the furnace on a monthly basis.


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