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Performance Analysis of Sunrise Refractory Magnesium Brick

Date:2019-12-02 16:18 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:admin
When Mg-C bricks come into contact with molten steel and slag, the slag erodes the Mg-C bricks, which results in poor thermal shock stability of the Mg-C bricks, spalling and damage, shortening the service life of the Mg-C bricks on the slag line, and affecting kiln refining production. In order to extend the service life of magnesia-carbon bricks, Tianyang Refractories studied the influence of kiln slag on the corrosion resistance of magnesia-carbon bricks, and discussed ways to extend the life of magnesia-carbon bricks for slag line.
Sunrise Refractory selected low-iron slag and high-iron slag for kiln, made slag line magnesium carbon brick into crucible samples with an inner diameter of ф60mm × 50mm and an outer diameter of ф120mm × 100mm. The slags were respectively put into the prepared crucibles and kept at 1600 ° C for 3 hours. The slag erosion resistance test of the magnesium carbon bricks was performed by the static crucible method. They pulverized two kinds of kiln slag into 200 mesh fine powder, using thermoplastic phenolic resin as a binding agent, pressed them into a cylindrical sample of ф6mm × 5mm, and put them on a gasket made of slag line magnesium carbon brick, and then Put it in the refractory detector, observe the wetting angle of slag and magnesia-carbon brick when the sample reaches the hemisphere temperature, so as to characterize the wettability of slag to magnesia-carbon brick.
Analysis of resistance to slag erosion. The SEM morphology of the iron-rich and iron-rich LF slag after the erosion of the magnesium-carbon brick crucible shows that after being eroded by the kiln slag, a thin slag layer is formed on the surface of the magnesium-carbon brick, and the sample with less iron The slag layer is relatively obvious. Due to the short erosion time, after being eroded by the two types of slag, the erosion layer on the surface of the magnesia-carbon brick is relatively thin. At the same time, the flaky graphite on the surface of the magnesia-carbon brick in contact with the slag is oxidized and the matrix is ​​loose. Moreover, the erosion of magnesium carbon bricks by low iron kiln slag is significantly stronger than that of high iron kiln slag, and the erosion layer is relatively deep. This is because the wetting angle of the low iron slag on the magnesium carbon brick is relatively small. Under the same conditions, the wetting rate of the magnesium carbon brick is fast, thereby accelerating the erosion of the magnesium carbon brick.


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